About Us

KINETIK Space is a space robotic start up based in Munich, Germany. Founded by an expert team from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we offer an array of dexterous robotic solutions of manipulators and end effectors. With decades of experience in real space robotic operations in orbit on board the International Space Station (ISS) and deep space exploration, our seasoned team is now bringing their know-how and technology to the rest of the space community, for both the commercial and agency sectors.

The KINETIK Space Robotic Technology is backed by a close collaboration with DLR, along with its decades of space robotics development and operations. With this partnership, the space community gains the necessary commercial access to use DLR’s cutting edge technology through KINETIK Space. It also enables KINETIK Space to continue working with cutting edge technology and leading experts in space robotics, which in turn drives our nimble and rapid development capabilities to suit the mission requirements.

We are now witnessing a point of critical transformation in space robotics, expanding from the research and exploratory scale to the greater community to serve all humankind. To help make this a reality, KINETIK Space helps enable on-orbit servicing (OSAM/ISAM) to address urgent needs such as satellite refueling and life extension. Ultimately, we are reaching toward a shared vision of Space Sustainability.

Our Team

Maximilian Maier


Neal Lii


Maximo Roa


Maxime Chalon



Head of Advisory Board

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